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Linear LED lamps for the lighting of garage doors. Thanks to the control unit with integrated LedBox power supply and the WiFi connection, it is possible to program the automatic switch-on via smartphone during the

night or to improve energy saving by dimming the light to a minimum

intensity in a certain time slot, and switch-on at maximum intensity only during the door movement.


  • Code OVER-35

    Powersupply 24Vdc

    Power 35W/m

    Light temperature3000K

    IP Level protection IP65

    Profile size 33.5x13mm

    Sizes available100, 150, 200, 230, 260, 300cm

    Profile color White

    Fixing system with retractable inserts (included)

    Cable type 2x0,75 mmq - white

    length = 200cm

    Optional electronics LB-50/ONE, LB-100/ONE, LB-150/ONE


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